Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is my donation tax deductible?
    Yes! The VEF is a nonprofit 501(3)(c). When you make a donation you will receive a receipt letter with our EIN# allowing you to deduct the donation.
  2. Can I direct where my donation will go?
    Yes. You can direct your donation to a specific goal (scholarships, art, music) and further more you can direct the donation to a specific school in the district.
  3. What is the VEF’s overhead?
    The only overhead the foundation has would be that which is directly tied to a fund raiser.
  4. Can I be involved besides donating funds?
    Yes. We are always looking for new board members or volunteers.
  5. Why no paid staff?
    The foundation is run by volunteers from the business community. Because we have no paid staff, money that is raised or donated goes directly to our projects.
  6. How do people request funding?
    Take a moment and fill out this Request Funding form. Your request for funds must tie in with our objectives for it to be considered.